Friday, October 30, 2009

Envelope Tutorial

Here is my first picture tutorial, I hope you like it!

I really love to make 4" x 4" cards, but what I don't like, is that it's so hard to find a really nice envelope to put them in. I know you can put them into a regular envie... and maybe it's just me...but it really bugs me to have the card sliding around!

So, I took an envelope apart and made my own template which I've tried to make into a PDF to include here....but techie skills just won't stretch that far!! I have to tell you what I'm so excited about with this little 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" envelope. It will fit the scallop card (see previous post) if you turn the card sideways!! Woohoolies!!! Check out the pictures!

Just a sidenote, LOL! I'm really not that colour challenged that I would put together the pattern on the envelope with the colours in the's just so that you can see it better! LOL!!

This is what the envelope looks like and will fit your 4 x 4 card.

See how the scallop card slides in sideways!

You will need to fold your flap about 1/4" higher than the template shows to make it fit your scallop cards.

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Here you can see I show with 2 pieces of ribbon: the bottom ribbon is where the fold would be for your regular 4 x 4 card.  The top ribbon points to where the fold should be when you are using your scallop fold cards.

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Here's the pattern, if you would like me to email it to you so you can print it on your computer, just send me a note with your email addy. There's a little 'Email me' on the right hand side of my blog!

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and enjoy making  lots of these sweet little square cards!

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