Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, this is a story of what not to do when you are making dinner!  Oopsies...I seriously charcoaled the garlic toast....all because I wasn't paying attention!  Ohmigosh...I know I'm getting a bit forgetful sometimes...please tell me I'm not the only one!!

I was making supper, my daughter Brandy was cutting some things helping me get ready for my Valentine Buffet on Saturday...Mr. Brown had come and brought me two huge boxes filled with all kinds of that was distracting in itself!  More brown paper for LilyBean to play in {g} when all of a sudden I saw smoke coming from the oven! was the garlic toast... I had put it into the oven to broil, then shut the oven door and then totally forgot about it!  What was I thinking...I never close the oven door when I'm broiling!

Thank goodness it didn't start on fire!!  The whole kitchen and family room filled with smoke and there we were darting around, I ran out on the balcony to get rid of the smoking garlic bread and Brandy was opening the doors, then we had to open the it was cold!  We were waving tea towels all over and then when I knew all was okay and we just had to get rid of the remaining smoke, we started to laugh....what craziness!! 

Then we calmly sat down (with sweaters on) and had a late dinner...just another night at the Marshall house!  LOL!

I hope you come back soon to visit me, I have another card to show you tomorrow!

Hugs ~ Judy

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