Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bow de Fourchette Tutorial

Finally...the bow tutorial I've been promising! 

This method of bow tying is not my original idea, but it's so much fun and you will get perfect bows every single time!

It's called the Fork Bow...but I felt that it really wasn't a great name for such a pretty at one of my Christmas card Buffets, we were brainstorming a name that sounded really nice and Jennifer came up with the name Bow de Fourchette, which is a blend of English and French...doesn't it sound lovely?

Here we go .... I don't have a fancy bow maker, but I found that a picnic fork is perfect for our Tafetta Ribbon.  (Tomorrow I'll share how to make perfect bows with our wider Satin Ribbon)

Step 1:  I like to keep my ribbon on the roll, now holding the fork in your left hand, wrap your ribbon, just as's easy to remember to have the side of the ribbon making the same shape as your left hand, like a sideways U.

Step 2: Take your back piece of ribbon and bring it over the top of the front piece.

Step 3:  With the ribbon coming to the front, thread it through the middle of the fork tines.

Step 4:  To form your bow, pull both the front and back tails straight down in line with the handle of the fork, adjusting to make sure it's not twisted.

Step 5: Keeping the back tail straight down, bring the front tail straight up and through the middle of the fork tines making sure it isn't twisted.

Step 6:  Now your tails are at the back of the fork, make any adjustments so that your bow is looking straightening, etc.

Step 7. Flip your fork over, and tie a single knot.  Pull tight and slip off the fork! 

That's it!  A perfect Bow de Fourchette!!  Don't you just love this!!  Now you can admire your perfect bow and show all your friends!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Judy


  1. Judy!!! That is awesome! Thank you so much!

  2. what a great way for fumble fingers me to make a tiny bow - thanks

  3. oh my goodness.. i think that's magical! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great idea Judy! I can't wait to see the next tutorial for a bigger bow!

  5. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! So cool!!

  6. So cute and easy, thank you for sharing with us.

  7. thanks for sharing, I guess I have not excuss why I can not make a bow now. lol it looks pretty simple.
    Thanks again

  8. Sometimes, I have difficulty understanding directions, so it could be me.....but I don't see continuity between steps three and four. On step three, you have sent a ribbon end through the center gap to the backside of the fork, while on step four, you have both ends being drawn downward in the front. Help!?!