Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Stylish Blogger Award for me!!

Wow...what a lovely surprise!  I recieved an email from Anne Hayward and she has selected me for a Stylish Blogger Award!  I was so surprised, I honestly didn't think it was for me, then I checked her blog and sure enough it was me!  Thank you so much Anne...this is my first award, and I'm thrilled!!

Part of accepting this award is to:
-Thank the person who gave you the award
-Share 8 things about yourself
-Pass this award onto 8 bloggers
-Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award you go.... 8 things about me ...oh my!  {g}
  1. My two favourite flowers are Sweet Peas and Lilacs.
  2. I always wear aprons when I'm cooking or stamping....I love aprons!
  3. I'm a typical Gemini...I tell my husband he's getting a great deal...5 wives for the price of 1...LOL!!
  4. This year Gary and I will celebrate our 41st anniversary..each and every day with him is wonderful!
  5. I drive a little blue Crossfire convertible and I'm a very creative packer when I load up the trunk.
  6. I love the ocean and the forests and need to visit them often to make me feel balanced.  
  7. I most often..well usually (but I'm trying to be better at that!) will peek at the end of a book before I finish it....I can't stand the suspense! 
  8. I actually have some stamp sets that haven't seen ink yet...oh my!
Here are the 8 bloggers I've selected out of so many I admire and follow.  These ladies have great blogs and I enjoy everything they share.  I hope you will visit them and share some love with them!

  1. Corrine
  2. Jackie
Enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by to share your time with me!
Hugs ~ Judy


  1. Oh, Judy!!! thank you so very much for passing this on to me!! I really appreciate it!!! I love your blog too!!!
    Happy Stampin'

  2. Congratulations to my talented and beautiful sister-in-law and friend! I love your blog site.