Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy December! It's time to look for Fairy Dust!

Hi Everyone!   Happy December!

This is my last calendar share for the year, I've had so much fun with this little calender. The picture isn't the greatest, it so pretty in real life!  The papers and images are from Crafty Secrets, the Christmas tree is from my stash and so is the little metal piece that says 'Magic'  I love this calendar so much I'm going to update it with the new 2011 calendar, so I can use it all over again.

December is always such a busy month, but it's always been a fun filled month too.  When my kids were small, my daughter was just a baby and my son was about 3 years old, and he was being a little mischief (that's my nice term for misbehaving!) I told him that he'd better be good because Santa's Fairy's were watching him.  He...being a practical little boy, told me that there were no such things as fairys..I was so surprised because when my Mom told me the fairies were watching me...well....I just believed it!

And so it of our most precious family traditions!

I wanted my son to believe in the magic of Christmas and Fairies and so when he went to bed that night, I sprinked some gold glitter beside his bed as well as his sisters.  In the morning, I said....Look at this!  It's fairy dust!  He bent over and really examined it and then gathered it up in a little kleenex to show his Dad. 

But first he wanted to know how the dust got there.  I said it fell from the fairies shoes as they landed by his and his sisters bedside.  Every night I'd find a different spot to sprinkle the dust, I don't know who was more excited, him or me!  On Christmas eve, I sprinkled it over the stockings and all the presents, and of course on Santa's dish of cookies. 

Eventually, as he grew up, he took over the all important job of sprinkling Fairy Dust for his sister and then as she grew up, they would both sprinkle it for me and their Dad.  What could be more special than that!

December is magic, pure and simple.  Traditions are made from the most ordinary things, they make us smile and bring wonderful memories!  And the bonus was that I had the best behaved children in December..LOL! ... so be good this month, you never know when Santa's fairies are watching you!

I hope you have a wonderful month, filled with all of your favourite things and some of your own fairy dust!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me.


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