Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Deer!

This little deer is having a bit of lunch across the street from me! 

I never get tired of seeing them and love to watch them gracefully grazing and blending into their surroundings. They come regularly to my front garden and sample the new tender leaves!  They've nibbled my tulips, but somehow I just can't get mad at them!  LOL!

Last winter I was shaking my head at the way the deer had seriously trimmed my favourite Fatsia tree that is just outside our front door.  A few days later we had snow and when I went out to get the newspaper, there were deer footprints on my porch!  And the other side of the tree (which was easy to reach from the porch) was seriously nibbled too!  The little darlings had come up 3 steps and then onto my porch to have breakfast....awww!

We live on a fairly busy side street and yet the deer feel very comfortable visiting the gardens and lawns in our neighbourhood.  They  don't even seem to mind when the cars go by or when people or children stop to have a look at them! 

They are so beautiful and its so very special to share my garden with them.  They don't eat my daffodils but they really love my tulips!  What amazing creatures they are!!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Judy

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  1. Just found your blog and I love it! Especially when I found out it was YOU and you are in my downline. I love your sweet peas (my favourite flower too!).

    BTW - the deer don't eat daffodils because they are poisonous and they know it (true!). They won't eat Rhondos either. When I lived on Bowen Island I had to find "deer resistant" flowers.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent!