Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hi everyone! I've had so many lovely comments on the anniversary card I made for my daughter and son in law, I just want to say thank you so much for letting me know how much you liked my card! I love your comments and emails and read every one!

Here's the tutorial on how I made the roses, oh my, I said next week and that was 3 weeks sorry for the delay!! I started out by quilling the roses from scraps and then when I finished, I realized they wouldn't fit in the envelope and so I had to come up with plan B. My Tombow glue was sitting on my craft table and so I reached for it and here's what happened!

This is a picture of my quilling tools, I got them at my local big craft store, if you can't find any of these little tools near you I'm sure you could make your own by snipping off eye of a tapestry needle and inserting it in a soft wood dowel. Anyway, I found 2 and I gave the blue one to my daughter...mine is the little metal one...I love it!

This sample is Whisper White... I've tried to pick the best pictures that my daughter took while I was making the tutorial!
I punched out circles from scraps, these are really small roses.....this one is Very Vanilla stamped with En Francais background in Crumb Cake. Then I cut the circle in a spiral to the centre...

So I basically cut with my scissors in a spiral, just randomly and left a little piece at the end for a glue dot...this is what it looks like when I'm finished cutting.

I insert my quilling tool on the very tip of the outside edge and start to roll.....

and roll.......

and roll.....

When I'm finished rolling it all up, I let it rest on my finger tip to let it relax and unroll just a bit ...

Then I place a glue dot on the end....

And press it gently so that it catches the rolled layers of the flower at the base.

This is what it looks like....pretty eh?

This is me looking at it and thinking that it's going to be a very lumpy envelope.....oh and also a very unattractive picture of my got smashed in a door years ago when the wind caught it just as my son (who was about 3) was running through I of course put my hand out to stop the door from slamming on slammed on my finger instead!

And here is where I spotted my Tombow and thought hmmmmmm....

Here's me really applying pressure with the bottom of the tombow to smash my pretty rose....

And here....gasp....the reveal!! I love it....I think it's beautiful and it will fit into the envelope as well!

This is a picture of a 3/4" Wisteria Wonder smashed's pretty just as it is or would be lovely with a dab of Dazzling Details, or Dazzling Diamonds or even a pearl in the centre.

This is just to show you the two sizes I used for the anniversary card and of course those roses were all in white. You could make them any size but the bigger the circle the bigger the smashing tool would be...even the bottom of a jar would work great.

And since this is such a long tutorial...what the heck....I'm including a close up picture of the finished rose that's got the En Francais script stamped on pretty!

And to finish, I' m including a picture of a little grouping of my smashed roses, as you can see they turn out a little different every time! I hope you like them and enjoyed my long tutorial and hope you try to make some too...don't throw out your scraps...they are perfect for making these little gems!
Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your time with me!
Hugs ~ Judy


  1. TFS! This is an excellently photo'ed and written tutorial. I'll have to try this technique.

  2. When I first saw them I thought it's was fabric! These are so pretty and such a well done tutorial. I will be making them this weekend. Tfs :)

  3. very very cool... I too thought they were fabric.. they are lovely !! thanks for sharing!!!! Patty

  4. Very well done tutorial. It's better to have it long and complete, than short and leave the student lost somewhere.

  5. Great tutorial! I had all of the quilling tools back in 1978, but it looks like it is time to buy them again. Love your roses, especially the "smashed" look.

  6. WoW you are talented my dear!