Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spooky, Easy and Fun!

Today I have a quick share for you, a really easy 4 x 4 Halloween Card and matching envelope! I had fun making up a sheet of Halloween words and printed them off on the computer.

I used an old font I purchased long ago called CK Twilight and sized it at 22.  Then I printed a sheet of Old Olive for the front and for the inside liner of the envelope I used the computer copy paper.

I used "Spooky" from the Wicked Cool stamp set, and wrapped Black satin ribbon around the card front.  The spider is one of those Dollar Store rings that have lots in a bag, I cut off the ring part and then secured the spider to the card with glue dots.  

The envelope is a regular sized envie, I trimmed each side so that it opened up flat (longways) measured and cut the liner piece.  Then I adhered it, just below the pre glued edge.  I used really skinny adhesive tape on each side and folded it up.  Makes a perfect little envelope!

If you would like a copy of my Halloween Words, send me an email, there's a little email link on the right hand side of my blog and I would be more than happy to share it with you!  I've tried to upload this to Google Docs but the format is all I give up!  LOL!!  Techie I'm not!!

I've saved the document in Times New Roman, size 22 font, so that it's readable in case you don't have the same font I do! Feel free to change it to whatever font you have on your own computer to make it work for you! 

I hope you enjoy this little share!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me!



  1. I really like how you did this and would work for any holiday to do something like this, great job!

  2. I would love to have the Halloween words - can you email me?
    Love what you did with this spider card, although I hate spiders I think I would drop the card at first lol. Thanks!