Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ohmigosh...Spider alert!!

Seriously!!!....look how big this guy is! {{{shudder}}}  My daughter and I were sitting on the couch the other night when my husband said 'Hey, there's a spider running right for you''ve never seen two people move so fast as Brandy and I! 

We had to move the couch, LilyBean ran right over top of the huge spider, we had the giant flashlight out and Brandy caught it in a glass.....oh my....this guy is so big he could be wearing boots!  At least he didn't have hairy legs!!! 

As much as I don't like spiders...well I like cardstock spiders and of course stamped spiders ...we just can't kill them, so Brandy tossed it out in the garden!  I just hope he doesn't find his way back in again!  It always seems that as Fall approaches those crazy spiders want to find a way to come into the house...I'll be on the lookout from now on!


Is he not seriously scary??  I keep thinking what if Gary hadn't noticed him....would he have crawled on us....Omigosh...I can't think about it!  LilyBean is not really a spider do you train your cat to do that??? 
That's your shiver for today!!
Thanks for stopping by ~ Judy..who's now paranoid and on the lookout for anymore spiders!


  1. Doesn't really look like a spider...does it have 8 legs?? If not, it's some kind of other "beetle type" insect..I've seen them in Texas in the gardens.

  2. i have no trouble squashing spiders. in hawaii i grew up with cane spiders---those buggers are BIG and so hard to kill. even tho' i am bigger than a spider, i don't like them surprising me!

  3. I'm commenting on a post of yours that is 4 years old but I came here via pinterest and spotted this monster while I was visiting. Spiders do actually have proven homing abilities (like pigeons) so whereas this guy has undoubtedly gone to spider heaven by now, make sure you put your spiders out well away from your house or they really will come back! My husband always has to take ours across the road and four houses down!!! Hugs, Lesley