Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey...are you guys having a Barbeque?

Ohmigosh...I think he wants to join us for dinner!
We were over at our daughters house to celebrate our son in laws birthday on Saturday night and look who was the surprise guest!

We were chatting, and getting things ready for dinner, having a drink and looking out the window...they have a wonderful green belt just outside their backyard. Philip (our sil) had started the BBQ on the balcony and out the window I saw something move and it took me a minute to realize we had a visitor!

Young Mr. Black, just stood peeking over the fence, then he rested his head sideways on the tree stump...stood up and streched so we could see how handsome he was (and most probably to get a better look at us!) before he ambled off into the forest! He was actually there for about 10 minutes!  

The kids live about 6 blocks away from us, we're up on a mountain and so we have bear warning signs up in all the neighbourhoods, plus deer and other wildlife and although there are lots of sightings I always think it's such a treat when you can actually see one....just as long as you are safe and indoors!  

They sure look cute but they are very dangerous and can be unpredicable, especially at this time of year when they are looking for food after a long winters sleep!  Unfortunately they are looking for easy food, garbage cans or bird feeders.  And they are not afraid to come into the neighbourhoods looking for an easy meal.  

I would be pretty scared if I was in the backyard....but felt semi safe on the balcony with the door open just in case Mr Black made any signs he was going to come closer... and it was a totally enclosed balcony with no stairs.  

Here's a bit of Bear Facts from our BC Parks, for more information and how to identify Bears... check it out here.

  • Bears are as fast as racehorses, on the flats, uphill or downhill.
  • Bears are strong swimmers.
  • Bears have good eyesight, good hearing, and an acute sense of smell.
  • All black bears and young grizzlies are agile tree climbers; mature grizzlies are poor climbers, but they have a reach up to 4 metres. 
  • If a bear is standing up it is usually trying to identify you. Talk softly so it knows what you are. Move away, keeping it in view. Do not make direct eye contact.
Thanks for stopping by, I'll have some more cards to share with you soon!

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